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Price List

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Price List

Post by Tennisdude on Sat 03 Apr 2010, 12:11 pm

Rank 0-2

Beavers- 5 clicks each

Red flowers and apples- free with purchase limit 20

Worker bees- 2 clicks each

Better bees- 4 clicks each

Best bees- 8 clicks each

Millstones- 5 clicks each

Solar power cells- 2 clicks each

Rank 3-6

Dino fangs- 3 clicks each

Dino scales- 2 clicks each

Pipes- 30 clicks each out of stock

Gypsum- 30 clicks each out of stock

Nails- 2 clicks each

Heroic stories- 3 clicks each

Sapphires- 10 clicks each

Diamonds- 10 clicks each

Rubies- 10 clicks each

Rank 7-10

Banners- 5 clicks each (out of stock)

Totemic animals- 30 clicks each- Discount if parts or elementals sent (Limit 3) Turtles are 35 clicks each.

Elementals- 2 clicks each

Totemic parts- 2 clicks each

Circuit boards- 10 clicks each

Fairy dust- 3 clicks each

Drums- 5 clicks each

Mic- 5 clicks each

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