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It's Called A Pony Truss

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It's Called A Pony Truss

Post by legodac on Mon 13 Feb 2012, 4:39 am

Back in about 2006, when I bought my first computer and got on line, the first thing I did when I was, was to log into Lego. Then I found LDD and what it had to offer.
I decided then that I would start my train layout throughout our Home, the Warden allowed this, so I went forth. My first two designs are still in their mail order boxes waiting to be set free. The third however will always be my pride and joy, for in all my travels, I haven't seen it's equal.

I am getting better at taking pictures, this one is really old, oh well, the LDD design is still there for you to download

The design was difficult, and by that time I was pretty familiar with LDD and all its bad habits, so I went forth, I think the design on LDD took a long time, I mean it was a real struggle.

So I get the model from Fed Ex and begin, I soon discover that I'm wishing I had been born with an extra hand, it is a difficult build to say the least

But well worth the effort

Perhaps one day I will share it at a convention, I have only ever been to one

I wish I had like 12 of these, the Pony Truss makes everything else look perfect

including the dirty windows farao

BTW, you can still get the instructions from LDD

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Re: It's Called A Pony Truss

Post by Tennisdude on Tue 14 Feb 2012, 1:13 pm

That's cool! It looks exactly like the LDD picture. Your train goes through that then?

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