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New Forum Rules - UPDATED APRIL 2012

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New Forum Rules - UPDATED APRIL 2012 Empty New Forum Rules - UPDATED APRIL 2012

Post by Elliwhi on Thu 12 Apr 2012, 1:29 pm

New forum rules updated April 2012:

- No illegal content or anything related.

- No cyberbullying through PM's or in topics.

- Don't spam. Imagine of you got a ton of spam on your forum. You'd be pretty annoyed, right? Well, so would we.

- You are allowed to advertise in signatures and in Other Websites but any where else is a total no no.

- Also, please don't advertise about money-related stuff.

- Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal, personal attacks, insulting, rude, hurtful, demeaning content or purposeless inflammatory posts must be avoided on this forum and will be removed.

- Respect the Admins and Moderators. They are there to help you and they put a huge deal and time into this forum

- Appropriate Avatars - Avatars must be G rated at all times. Inappropriate, sexually oriented and gore avatars must be avoided. Anyone posting inappropriate avatars will lose the privileged of being able to display one.

- Appropriate Signatures and Links - Signatures and Links must be G rated at all times. Inappropriate signatures or links must be avoided. Signatures and links may be deleted at any time.

- Signature Image Size - 2 Images Max each (728px x 125 px) or 1 Image Max (728px x 250 px)
That is MAX, but if you have a smaller, it is better! If you choose to add text or extra space between them we count the whitespace, the text and images together and all cannot total more than 728 x 250.

- No personal information is to be given out. Such as - Age, Address, Phone number, Facebook name, Name etc

- Don't try to pretend to be another person.

- Make a strong password so no one can guess it.

- Spam is to be avoided. You can get spam points by:
  - Double, Triple posting
  - One word posts
  - Being annoying
  - Off-topic posts

View here on how the SPAM system works.

- Anything that puts this forum into trouble by violating the Forumotion Terms and Conditions will give you an immediate ban.

If you have any questions about any of the rules, please PM a member of staff.

Thank you,

Elliwhi ~ Head Global Moderator

New Forum Rules - UPDATED APRIL 2012 Elliwhisig
Hey! I'm Elliwhi and I'm one of the Administrators. Need help with anything, just drop Tennisdude or I a PM and we'll sort out your problem!

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