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Rules of the trading area

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Rules of the trading area Empty Rules of the trading area

Post by Tennisdude on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 4:57 pm

Rules - Free Items
Here you can give away the items you don´t need

1. Make a new topic when you have some items.
2. Be sure to list all the items and the amount you have.
3. When you have given away the items, FLAG your post; LOCK THIS TOPIC.

Rules - Trade Clicks
Here you can trade clicks:

1. Make a new topic when you need clicks.
2. In your subject, please add: Where you want the clicks + (maybe how many you can trade)
3. When your click trade is finished FLAG your post; LOCK THIS TOPIC.

Rules - Buy Items
Here you can ask for items you need:

1. The subject must contain the item you need.
2. Try to say how many you need in the subject.
3. Only ask for 1 item in one topic, if you need another item, make a new topic.
4. ONLY post in a topic if you have a deal.

For auctions

•The items

•The minimum amount of clicks

•How much the bid must go up each time

•You need to make sure to end the auction at the right time.

•Once you are done, flag the post as lock this topic.
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