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Universal Trading Market

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Universal Trading Market Empty Universal Trading Market

Post by Codyn329 on Mon 25 Feb 2013, 9:22 pm

Welcome to the Universal Trading Market!
Welcome to the Universal Trading Market! The UTM lets every user make short trades to see how trading is like, and make their own flea market before they request to make an official store at the MLN Shop Forums.

You can also create an auction and special trades such as item/item deals, click/click deals (vice versa), and regular trades such as item/click trades (vice versa).

Important Info to Remember

When you see a trade that's unfair, don't be rude by saying something like "Dude! That's the worst deal I've ever seen. You're a horrible tradesman." Instead at least try something nice like "Hey, cool trade, but it's a little bit unfair. I can help you show so you can improve on them. Would you like that? Smile"

You can also ask others what others think a certain item should be priced at.

Most importantly, just be nice and have fun!

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