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Child Protection Laws

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Child Protection Laws Empty Child Protection Laws

Post by Elliwhi on Wed 14 Aug 2013, 11:05 am

If you are under 13 and are on this website you are required by law to follow these rules; any action taken that does not comply with these rules from this day forward (14th April 2013) will be counted as an offense.

You must not give out:

- Your full name
- Home address

- Email address

- Your age

- Telephone number

- IP address (Internet Protocol Address - NB. admins are allowed to access your IP address for security reasons through the Admin Panel, and to make sure that you don't have 2 accounts under same IP address. Your IP address will not be handed out to anyone for any reason)

- Pictures of yourself

Or any other information that would potentially allow a predator to contact you.

Posting any of the above on the forum may allow the admins to issue you a SPAM point, warning or ban if necessary.

This site is not Facebook or Twitter or any other type of social media

Being that this site allows under 13s here means we must comply with these rules. Please respect that we are not confining your experience but helping you. Thank you Very Happy
~These rules are set by COPPA (US Federation Law) and we are using the american law due to many of the users on here are from the US.

Stay safe! Very Happy


Child Protection Laws Elliwhisig
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