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New Smileys!

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New Smileys! Empty New Smileys!

Post by Elliwhi on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 6:49 am

Hey people!

This morning, or probably something like 3AM your time Razz, I added some new smileys! Very Happy

Listening to music RIP oO Cool Facepalm Drool WELCOME! BAN Bump Ebay Computer 2 Rock Band Disco Parteh! Acordion Guitar Piano Surprise! Rain Angry Crowd Drool 2 Drums Mexican Wave! Party!

Those are the ones that were added on this morning. Tell me what you think below! Very Happy

Yes, for your information I have added 2 Drool smileys! Drool Drool 2

New Smileys! Elliwhisig
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