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Forum News 7/24/13 (Lots of info, please look!)

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Forum News 7/24/13 (Lots of info, please look!) Empty Forum News 7/24/13 (Lots of info, please look!)

Post by Tennisdude on Wed 24 Jul 2013, 1:08 pm

With activity on the rise here, we decided it's time to make sure that everyone is aware of everything that you can do to help increase activity even more!

First, if you have any ideas for the forum, please make a topic about it here, in the Innovations Board.

We're still looking for some contest ideas! If you have any, please post them here.

You can come join our MMOs Discussions here, and our Lego Movie discussion here!

If anyone would like to do reviews of Lego sets, please send Elli or I a PM, and we can set up an area just for you! You can also post your MOCs (my own creation) here!

We would like your opinion on our forum game area! You can do that here.

Also, we are looking for some new RPG ideas! You can submit yours here!

And finally, if you would like a graphics shop (make people avatars, signatures, etc.) you can request one here, and we will make it right away.

Stay tuned for a topic about the Lego News area in the next few days, and an application topic to possibly become our newest moderator!
~The staff at Universal MLN

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Forum News 7/24/13 (Lots of info, please look!) Wj9r34

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