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Post by Elliwhi on Wed 31 Oct 2012, 6:25 am

Hiya guys

I thought I'd make a topic about AdBlock as most users probably don't know about it.

AdBlock is an extension which is installed to your browser on your computer, and basically blocks ads.
More can be read about it here

The reason why TD and I have decided to encourage users to install this, is due to FatCatNine stopping a VERY disturbing Ad as a Guest and this is an ad that our young audience SHOULD NOT see. As soon as we can, we will try to remove Ads by paying Forumotion to remove them, but for now we have to stick with AdBlock.

*eats toast* Drool

Now, as generous as I am, I'm including links to install this thing on your browser. Razz Don't worry. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE

Google Chrome users, click here
Mozilla Firefox users, click here
Safari users, click here
Opera users, click here

This add-on works on both Mac OS X and PC

If I missed out your browser, sorry. Just type in AdBlock for {YOUR BROWSER HERE} into Google.

Now go and pursade your parents or just go and install it! Very Happy



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